Bank on Traffic Launch is supposed Feb. 19th

“It looks like Tuesday will be the day Bank on Traffic opens for new members” – Bank on Traffic admin said – “After the Friday updates from our site design team we found a couple of small problems that needed to be fixed.  They were problems related to migrating from the development servers to our own servers.”

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Bank on Traffic Launch Is Coming Soon!

There are good news from the Bank on Traffic admin:

“As of this evening (the 11th), we have begun our transition from the programmer’s development server to our brand new dedicated state-of-the-art production web and data servers. We also have our own email server. Several on our executive team have vast experience in the Data Center arena and cutting edge “Cloud” technology. Members of our management team own the Data Center so we don’t expect any bandwidth or server problems once BT takes off.
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As most of you know we’ve been hard at work with our website programming and design. In our case it’s not just a website but a vast data base that includes payout programming, activity monitoring, report producing, banking, money transfers etc. As our programmers make correction, we retest this new programming, evaluate it and then advise them on the changes needed. It’s an exhausting, frustrating process that has to be 100% functional and accurate prior to launch.

In my last update I reported that we should have our website up by now. Also that we may have to just allow member sign ups but take in no money until the banks are in place. That’s been set back about a week as I explained. It now looks like we will open for sign ups this Friday unless we find programming errors. We did find addition errors which the programmers are fixing now. Please don’t let any of this worry you. We have a handle on the situation. We are simply waiting to test the changes the programmers are working through as we synchronize the new servers.”

So stay tuned to join Bank on Traffic.

Bank on Traffic Review

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How to Get Started with Bank On Traffic

Bank On Traffic is a company with a unique advertising model that drives web traffic to any website of your choice. You can benefit from its model as a premium member and as an advertiser. Its e-commerce site has a huge depth. It allows you to purchase advertising credits you and make sales referrals.


If you are webmaster and would like to buy unique visitor traffic to your site, there is an initial free 1000-visitor bonus from registering. However, for those who do not have a website, it is possible to promote your Bank On Traffic personal blog and URL using traffic generated by BOT.

As an advertiser, you also can buy ‘Unique Visitor’ traffic to promote your own website or products and make extra profits from accrued bonus from your own advertising spending. At the start, membership is free and your first unique visitors to the website of your choice are 1,000.

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On the other hand, you can set up your new “Bank on Traffic” business for as little as $65.00. The initial Business package ranges from $65.00 to $6,065.00. Each Business Set comes with “Unique Visitor” traffic for your personal use and sufficient “Traffic Credits” to start earning a decent profit.

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The Bank On Traffic compensation plan

As a premium member on the Bank On Traffic compensation plan, you would not need to drive web traffic or make any referral sales irrespective of the business package you buy. I will like to help you make money on this program. First, let’s get to know each of the business packages and the one which might suit you the most.
You will need to become a member of my team to get comprehensive guidelines.

A Free Lead Capture Page system comprising follow-up emails, custom banners and more materials will be sent to every team member. A team will be made up of those who join me directly as well as those who join my referrals directly. Therefore, you as a direct referral and those who join you will receive my full guidance.

The first package is the most essential since as a complementary set you would not need to bother about any traffic or referral sales to make money. I often recommend the highest set possible. It is the Elite set for $6,065 which would bring to an ET (Earning Target) of $12,100 without any prerequisites.

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Here are the Business Ad Packages:

Starter: $50 = 5,000 UV
Basic: $150 = 15,000 UV
Pro: $450 = 45,000 UV
Expert: $1,350 = 135,000 UV
Elite: $4,050 = 405,000 UV

However, if your budget is tailored towards a smaller set, then the Pro set which goes for $665 is a great option. Your ET will be at $1,300.

There exists 3 various membership grades: Standard, Gold and Platinum. You can start with Standard and move to a higher grade when you want to.
Here are the prices for the 3 Membership Grades:
Standard = $15 Monthly Fee
Gold = $50 Monthly Fee
Platinum = $100 Monthly Fee

With your membership grade and business package, you can now obtain your repurchase feature.

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The 2 different repurchase features are: 100% and 50%.
With the 100% repurchase option, you can buy all the balance again and produce extra business packages.
The 50% repurchase option can buy you half of the earnings as business packages and the remainder balance will be deposited into your e-wallet.

The best choice to go for on the first run is 100%, this will double the amount of business packages that you have and so it will also double your income potential in the future. On the second round, you can adjust it to 50% and that will create exactly double the amount you spent when you make your first purchase plus many business packages to generate additional income.

For the ‘Hit and Run’ feature, you set it to 50% on 2 runs. With this strategy, you will earn at a quicker rate but it might result in a loss after a long time.

In order for you to make the most earnings in the long term, you should put the two complementary runs to 100%. This can get you up to four times your capital. At the end of your complementary run, it is advisable you buy Traffic packages or make referral sales to maintain your income.

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Right now, the Bank On Traffic platform is undergoing a thorough Alpha-testing. It has generated a lot of interest contrary to initial belief hence a good number of people have signed up. However, it would be limiting membership until the Beta launch starts mid- February.

We are going to build a serious Bank on Traffic team with sharing all the updates, strategies, tips for successful income growing just from the Big Launch date. That’s why we are inviting all the serious marketers to join our team to build the real residual income. Click Here to lock your position in our team today!